“A great speaker and motivator…funny, inspiring, and extremely informative”

Here are some of Megan’s most popular keynote presentations, each of which can be customized for your audience.

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Experience Management: The Systems Behind The Smiles

Companies like Starbucks, USAA, and Zappos make great customer experience look easy, but it's not. You don’t see the work these firms do behind the scenes to design, deliver, and manage customer interactions, what Ritz-Carlton calls "the systems behind the smiles." Megan has seen them, and in this talk she takes attendees through the core building blocks of a successful XM program. She shares real-world examples and tips on launching and leading XM programs based on her years of guiding Fortune 500 organizations through the process.


Overcoming Hidden Roadblocks To Customer Experience Transformation

You’ve got people bought into the need for better CX, at least conceptually, but not much has changed day-to-day. Why not? What’s keeping people stuck in old, unhelpful patterns? Megan explains the root cause of organizational inertia and how your audience can overcome it. Attendees will walk away from this session knowing what’s missing from most CX transformation plans that leads to failure, small changes are often better than a big corporate initiative, and specific things they can do to spark transformation no matter how much or how little budget or authority they currently have.

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Connecting The Dots - and Dollars - Between Customer and Employee Experience

Companies with a great customer experience (CX) grow 4 –7 times faster than their not-so-great competitors, but it’s hard for employees to wow anyone when they’re sleep-deprived, burned out, or mired in red tape. In this talk, Megan Burns explains how the state of your employee experience (EX) bounds your ability to win on customer experience and, in doing so, earn the loyalty you need to succeed. After this talk, audience members will be able to name the attributes of a great EX, quantify the business value of better EX, and explain why the business, HR, and IT need to collaborate to reach experience improvement goals.


Using Trust As Rocket Fuel For Your Customer-Centricity Efforts

Companies with high-trust cultures do better financially, in part because they have better customer and employee experiences. Why? Because their employees are more empathetic, collaborative, and innovative as they work with each other and the people a company serves. In this talk, Megan explains what trust is, how it forms, and how easily it’s eroded in the modern organization. She’ll share data on how trust drives business results to help audiences make a case for these efforts inside their organization. And finally she’ll give every member of the audience a set of concrete things they can do to foster more trust with the people they depend on most.

Other keynotes available include:

  • Burnout Is Not Customer-Centric: Setting Boundaries In The Age of the Customer

  • It’s Your Experience: How To Feel Better At Work Even When Nothing’s Changing

In addition to keynote speeches, I am available for webinars, workshops, recorded training, and thought leadership videos. One of my specialties is designing and delivering workshops for executive audiences.


Check out these videos of me on stage and in past thought leadership interviews.

Past Keynotes: 

  • Forrester’s CXNYC 2013, 2014, and 2015 (1,200+ attendees)

  • Forrester CX London and CXSF (San Francisco)

  • The B2B CX Summit

  • CX Fusion

  • The Net Promoter Conference

  • Clarabridge Customer Connections (C3)

  • IQPC Customer Experience Exchange

  • IQPC CX Exchange for Financial Services

  • Inaugural Boston CX Day celebration