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Megan Burns is an expert on customer-centricity and customer experience management. She helps companies thrive by restoring empathy, trust, and humanity to the way they interact with customers and employees, even as more interactions take place in arms-length digital channels.

For two decades, Megan has had an inside view of what the world’s most beloved companies do to earn loyalty from the people they serve. While at Forrester Research, her groundbreaking work shaped the field of experience management into a multi-billion dollar industry and set the stage for transformation at Fortune 500 firms across the globe. Megan published more than seventy-five reports on topics like the business value of better experiences and what leaders need to do to drive culture change so customer-centricity can become their organization’s new normal. She’s been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, interviewed by NBC News, and tapped by more than half of the Fortune 50 to serve as their guide on the path to customer-driven growth.

Megan works with leaders to transform culture and operations through speaking, workshops, facilitation, and executive coaching. She creates ah-ha moments that make employees think differently about themselves and their role in exceeding today’s higher customer expectations. Pledging to “be more customer-centric,” though, is like saying you’ll “eat healthy and exercise.” Even when you know you should, the pace of life today makes it hard to stay consistent. That’s why Megan works with organizations find small, practical, sustainable changes that will compound over time to get teams where they need and want to go.