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Customer Contact Week 2019

Join Megan at CCW Vegas 2019 for a breakout session on overcoming hidden roadblocks to customer experience transformation. Use code 20CCW_MEGANBURNS for 20% off the event registration fee.

Overcoming Hidden Roadblocks To Customer Experience Transformation

You’ve got people bought into the need for better CX, at least conceptually, but not much has changed day-to-day. Why not? What’s keeping people stuck in old, unhelpful patterns? In this talk, CX pioneer Megan Burns explains the root cause of organizational inertia and how you can help overcome it. She shares examples and lessons from 13 years of work with Fortune 500 firms to put customers back at the center of their business. Attendees will come away from this session knowing:

  • What’s missing from most CX transformation plans that causes them to fail

  • Why small, strategic changes are better than a big corporate initiative

  • How even the most passionate CX advocates can sabotage change without knowing it

  • Proven ways to spark and spread change that don’t require budget or formal authority

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Later Event: September 30
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