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National Speaker's Association New England Chapter Member Meeting

Suzanne Bates has never claimed to be an expert on sales, nor has she ever taught a sales course. But what she learned (the hard way), and later documented about sales success has enabled her to build a multi-million-dollar management consulting firm.

In this session you’ll learn first that selling is not marketing. It is the act of talking with buyers, learning what they want, taking them through a sales process, and getting those contracts signed. Whether you love selling, consider it a necessary evil, or detest the whole dirty business, you’ll walk away from our meeting with a great attitude and practical tools to avoid failure, and repeat success. Suzanne’s goal is to help you make sales like breathing, so it just comes naturally!

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Know your buyers and why they buy, so you use your limited time to land more business

  • Create a “Source Code” so you can speak intelligently about your unique offerings

  • Stop wasting time with people who are masquerading as buyers

  • Recognize sure signs a contract or deal has stalled, and what to do about it

  • How to know for sure when people are nodding yes, but really mean no

  • Understand what gets people to yes in your business, and how to repeat it

Come join us as Suzanne pulls back the curtain on her own sales process, and helps you document your own, so you learn what works for you, why, and how with less effort to double your sales.