to Jun 28

Customer Contact Week 2019

Join Megan at CCW Vegas 2019 for a breakout session on overcoming hidden roadblocks to customer experience transformation. Use code 20CCW_MEGANBURNS for 20% off the event registration fee. Click the event name for a more detailed description of Megan’s session.

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to Mar 21

Work Human 2019

I'm thrilled to be attending the 5th annual WorkHuman event in Nashville, TN!

WorkHuman is a global movement of people, purpose, and passion dedicated to bringing more humanity to today’s modern workplace. It is a management practice underpinned by global research that shows how companies can drive a positive employee experience.

Globoforce pioneered the WorkHuman movement, and they celebrate with this annual event, as well as numerous regional events throughout the year. WorkHuman is a natural extension of their core promise – which is to help make work more human for millions of people and organizations worldwide.


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8:00 AM08:00

National Speaker's Association New England Chapter Member Meeting

Suzanne Bates has never claimed to be an expert on sales, nor has she ever taught a sales course. But what she learned (the hard way), and later documented about sales success has enabled her to build a multi-million-dollar management consulting firm.

In this session you’ll learn first that selling is not marketing. It is the act of talking with buyers, learning what they want, taking them through a sales process, and getting those contracts signed. Whether you love selling, consider it a necessary evil, or detest the whole dirty business, you’ll walk away from our meeting with a great attitude and practical tools to avoid failure, and repeat success. Suzanne’s goal is to help you make sales like breathing, so it just comes naturally!

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Know your buyers and why they buy, so you use your limited time to land more business

  • Create a “Source Code” so you can speak intelligently about your unique offerings

  • Stop wasting time with people who are masquerading as buyers

  • Recognize sure signs a contract or deal has stalled, and what to do about it

  • How to know for sure when people are nodding yes, but really mean no

  • Understand what gets people to yes in your business, and how to repeat it

Come join us as Suzanne pulls back the curtain on her own sales process, and helps you document your own, so you learn what works for you, why, and how with less effort to double your sales.

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2:00 PM14:00

Future of Work Symposium

Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer, The Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organization Behavior at Stanford University. Dr. Pfeffer will discuss the provocative findings of his research in Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Compony Performance - and What We Can Do About It.

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8:00 AM08:00

National Speaker's Association New England Chapter Monthly Meeting

Part I: Tamsen Webster, Guest Speaker

You have a big idea. One that can change businesses, lives… or the world. But the best ideas aren’t just found. They’re built. They come together, piece by piece, until you suddenly see the world differently. That means you not only have to find YOUR big idea, if you want that big impact to bring big change, you have to REbuild that idea in the minds and hearts of your audiences.

Join 20-year message strategist, keynote speaker, and former TEDx Executive Producer Tamsen Webster as she shows you how to do just that.

Part II: Our 2018 NSA NE Auction

Wherever you are in your speaking journey, there are auction items—at great prices—that will help you. The 45+ auction items cover the full spectrum of the speaking journey:

Sharpening your speech
Adding humor
Getting one-on-one advice from industry legends
Wowing with your website
Improving your image and your marketing
Launching your book
Enjoying trips to Africa and Ft. Myers

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11:30 AM11:30

CXPA Atlanta Fall meeting

How Hidden Influences Hinder CX Transformation

As more people see the benefit of investing in Customer Experience, they’re also realizing just how hard it is for people to transform their old thought patterns and behaviors into new, more customer-centric ones. If you’re in the midst of that struggle right now, or just want to understand the headwinds CX leaders face at this stage of the process, this is the event for you!

Megan Burns, recently named one of the top 15 Women Influencers in CX, will share research on why even the most bought-in people are often held back by thoughts they don’t know they’re having and actions they don’t know they’re taking (unconscious habits). She’ll talk about why it may be better to start with small changes to a few people’s behavior than a corporate change initiative. And she’ll share stories of real people who used the one thing they knew they could control - their own behavior - to spark a movement that spread through their entire organization.

The event will take place on Thursday, September 13th, 11:30am, at the Steelcase WorkLife Center in Uptown Atlanta. Sandwiches and drinks will be provided.

Questions? Send a message to Mark Borst at mborst@dekalboffice.com

Access Instructions: The Steelcase building sits on the corner of Peachtree St and Beverly Road, but the main entrance is around back, on the 2nd level. If you take advantage of the Valet service, someone will be there to direct you.


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6:00 PM18:00

Boston CXPA Summer Social

From the CXPA.org event page:

Food for thought combined with nourishment for the soul… that’s what this summer CX social and content-rich event promises to deliver! We’ve leveraged the survey feedback from our local CXPA professional community to cover today’s most important, relevant CX topics. Each will be discussed in a CX Champagne Roundtable led by a subject matter expert. We will rotate to a new topic every 15 minutes so attendees will reap the insight from all four topics, which are as follows:

  1. Translating CX data into business value
  2. Connecting the customer experience dots for senior leaders
  3. Building Customer Journey Maps that drive action and results
  4. Forming an overarching CX strategy that sticks

The evening will also offer lots of fun, food and drink, not to mention ample opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow CX practitioners. Plus, you’ll experience amazing views of downtown Boston including a unique perspective right into the famous Fenway Park.

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CXPA 2018 Insights Exchange
to May 9

CXPA 2018 Insights Exchange

The CXPA Insight Exchange is an event by members for members. With more than 350 Customer Experience professionals in attendance, the Insight Exchange is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and your network, share best practices, and discuss current issues and trends in CX. It's a can't miss event on my calendar every year! 

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Qualtrics X4 Summit 2018 (PAST EVENT)
to Mar 9

Qualtrics X4 Summit 2018 (PAST EVENT)


On March 6-9, 2018 I spoke in Salt Lake City at Qualtrics’ X4 Summit, one of the world's largest Experience Management events, on how to create a Self-Governing CX Ecosystem. 

Attendees had the opportunity to learn from and network with top leaders around customer, employee, product, and brand experience. They heard two days of mainstage keynotes including Lin Manuel Miranda, Arianna Huffington, and Angela Duckworth, author of the best-selling book Grit. There were 100+ breakouts, and 50+ expert-led workshops.

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Toronto CXPA Local Networking Event
2:00 PM14:00

Toronto CXPA Local Networking Event

In this session, analyst and CX expert Megan Burns will lead a discussion about why CX transformation is so hard and how we can break the plateau in 2018. She'll bust common myths about human behavior that are holding CX programs back, and replace them with empirical research on topics like motivation, habits, emotion, and trust.

She'll lead a discussion about how research from these areas should inform our work on CX efforts and introduce new techniques that can push culture and CX transformation to a whole new level.     

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